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- 2 synthetic shirts, long sleeve
- 2 synthetic t-shirts
- 2 pairs of synthetic hiking shorts
- 1 pair of synthetic trekking pants
- 1 pair of warmer hiking pants
- 1 or 2 pairs of long underwear
- 1 pair of leg gaiters Rentable
- 1 pair of warm socks per trekking day
- 1 pair of underwear per day
- 1 warm fleece jacket
- 1 goretex rain/wind shell Rentable
- 1 pair of goretex rain/wind pants Rentable
- 1 poncho
- 1 fleece sweater
- 1 pair of cold weather gloves or mittens
- 1 sun hat
- 1 balaclava
- 1 pair trekking boots (medium weight, waterproof)
- 1 pair of walking/camp shoes
- 1 pair UV-blocking sunglasses with side-gussets

Other Equipment
- 1 soft (no hard frame or wheels) duffel bag or backpack (porters will carry)
- 1 daypack
- Plastic bags of different sizes (to protect clothes against rain)
- 1 warm mountain sleeping bag (10 degree rated (F)) Rentable
- 2 trekking poles highly recommended Rentable
- 1 head lamp (with extra batteries and light bulb) We supply
- 1 pocket knife
- Steripen Water Purifier We supply
- Sun block. We suggest the highest possible SPF rating

First Aid Kit
Your first-aid kit should include the following:
-Blister bandages /mole-skin
-Small bandages (band-aids)
-Elasticised support bandage (ace-wrap)
-Safety pins
-Small pair of scissors

Medicines in your first aid kit should be discussed with your physician, and should include addressing the following:
-Analgesics (pain killers); Acetaminophen (ie. Tylenol), Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Vidocin*
-Anti-Allergy; Hydrocortizone (ointment), Diphenhydramine hydrochloride (oral anti-histamine)(ie: Sudafed)
-Antibiotics; Bacitracin (ointment), Erythromycin*, Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride* (Cipro)
-Antacids; Bismuth sabsalicylate (ie. Pepto-Bismol)
-Anti-Diarrhea; Loperamide hydrochloride (ie. Immodium), Tinidazole*
-Anti-Emetics (anti-vomiting); Prochlorperazine*, Promethazine*
-Anti-Vertigo (anti-motion sickness); Meclizine*, Scopolamine*
-Altitude illness medicine ; Acetazolamide* (diamox), Dexamethazone*, Nifedipine*
-Sterile eye drops
-Anti-malarial prophylaxis medicine*

* Prescription medicines