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≤‚ ‘For over 10 years the owners and guides of Eco Tours have been trekking the heights of the Kilimanjaro. During that time the idea of offering a trek that would exceed the expectations of even the most discriminating came to mind.

Through it's latest brand, African Snow, the company now offers you the opportunity to climb the grand mountain in the grandest of styles. Leveraging what we've learned from our world famous Eco Tours treks, we have designed an adventure that is one sure to impress.

An African Snow trek goes beyond the actual trek itself. It is a total adventure experience that starts the minute you are met at the airport. We make sure you are well rested, relaxed and ready to begin your summit attempt. We use only the least crowded routes and ply those routes with comforts that you wouldn't expect to find on the mountain.

Our trekking expeditions are limited to 6 people per group and set out on specific dates. This affords you the most personalized and safe adventure we can offer.

As you browse the website and read more you will agree...African Snow is the 5 star trekking experience.