Pangani - Activities

Pangani River: Pangani River, once an important transport channel for slaves and ivory, is now seldom used as a means of transportation from Tanzania's interior to the coast. Boat trips can be arranged up the river to observe the abundant birdlife and riverine ecosystem. Crocodiles are sometimes seen along the river and a trip up the river offers an opportunity to view Tanzanian village life.

Maziwe Island: Maziwe Island is a sand island located 10km offshore from Pangani. Maziwe Island and the surrounding coral reef is a nature reserve, and snorkeling and diving trips can be arranged to the island.

Snorkeling: Dhow trips can be arranged from hotels to visit offshore coral reefs. Some of the reefs have been recently placed under protection so it is possible to see many species of colorful fish and live corals. Snorkeling equipment is available.

Sandbars: All-day visits are available from lodges to various offshore sandbars. Organize a picnic lunch through your hotel or bring your own. The sandbars offer beautiful views of the coast and are often surrounded by reefs which are great for snorkeling. It is possible to combine snorkeling and sandbar trips.

Amani Nature Reserve: Amani, once a botanical garden, is located in the Usambara Mountains approximately 50 kilometers northwest of Pangani. A visit to Amani offers an opportunity to hike through beautiful montane forests viewing forest animals, flowers and plants. Amani is part of the Eastern Arc mountain range which stretches from southern Kenya to southern Tanzania. The range has been listed by Conservation International as one of the world's twenty hotspots of biodiversity and there have been many efforts in recent years to protect the range's forests. The Usambara Mountains are possibly the most diverse mountains in the Eastern Arc Range and Amani is a must see for those interested in botany. There are hundreds of endemic plant species and several reptiles, amphibians and birds unique to the Usambaras. One or two day trips to Amani can be arranged from Pangani.

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