Mafia - Activities

The warm, colourful waters of the Indian Ocean surrounding Mafia Island provide an ideal location for many sea activities. Enjoy some of the best diving and snorkeling there is off the East African coast exploring the many coral reefs that are teaming with tropical marine life. There are over 400 species of fish inhabiting the reefs around Mafia.

The best months for scuba diving are September to March & snorkelling can be done all year round in the sheltered, calm waters of Chole Bay.

Many islets and natural, unspoilt sandbars surround Mafia Island. One can enjoy a picnic lunch at one of these locations after sailing there on a traditional dhow. There are also the options of sport fishing, walking or biking on the nature trails, sea kayaking, and other beach activities that can be enjoyed.

Chole island is home to a large colony of Comoros Flying Foxes or fruit bats found only in Mafia and the Comoro Islands and there are also some ancient ruins remaining on a few of the islets. The ruins date back to the 15th century from the first Arab settlers and are interesting to visit. One can also experience the friendly culture of the Swahili people with tours through the local villages. There is a day trip to the Northern part of Mafia where you will get the to experience of the full diversity of the fauna and flora on the island, as well as see some of Mafia's most pristine and beautiful beaches.

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