Art & Culture

Because of its unique natural heritage, we tend to forget that Tanzania is also rich in culture (past and present). Many sites bear witness (as in Kondoa) that Tanzanians have always been great artists.
Today, the Tanzanian art is found in many fields of greta interest to certain tourists who want to bring home an original souvenir.


Since the first paintings (in the 60s) of E.S Tingatinga, a great school of painting has developed to produce some real artists (whose works are now exhibited across the World) with increasingly diverse styles.
You can find beautiful paintings for very low prices.


The Makonde sculptors tradition is very old.
Initially, these sculptures, which were designed to portrait families and demons..., have evolved to respond to the "European" request and deal with numerous subjects.

   The Maasai ART

The great Maasai culture expresses itself in its well-known attributes; shields, spears, necklaces, bracelets ... some items are true works of art.
It's also an occasion to make friendly acquaintances in the shop ...