Why Tourism to Alleviate Poverty?

The tourism industry is seen as a key sector in reducing poverty. The Government in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa aims to make policies and management plans that enables the benefits of tourism to reach the poor in their countries. Tourism is the largest business sector in the world economy, which employs more than 250 million people formally and informally. Proper planning and management will give the sector potential to become a formidable tool for poverty reduction and a powerful stimulant for economic growth.

Case studies from different African countries revealed that tourism in the poor countries had the comparative advantage over other economic sectors, because it related directly to the need of the poor. For instance, tourism is relevant to remote rural areas, supports other economic activities, employs women and young people and has no entry barriers. Cultural tourism, Eco tourism, Community Wildlife management areas, Hotel supply and employment in the Hospitality industry are some of the ways in which the poorer in the rural areas can be incorporated into the industry and derive income from them.

Tourism accounts for 16% of Tanzania抯 GDP and nearly 25% of its foreign exchange. It also supports an estimated 200,000 jobs. There are currently 20 modules of cultural tourism in north-eastern Tanzania. In 2001, these modules received 24,000 tourists who generated a minimum of US$ 200,000.00, mainly in salaries to service providers and contributions to village development projects.

Since tourism is the primary source of foreign exchange in the leasser developed countries, the respective countries are supposed to identify tourism potentials and form ways in which sustainable tourism development can make an impact on the war against poverty.

How Customers can support our Community? Tanzanians and Friends Eco Tourism Limited is a company involved in the tourism business in Tanzania. The primary goal of Tanzanians and Friends Eco Tourism is to generate income which will enable TAFET to achieve its vision and mission in supporting the vulnerable communities, such as orphans and street children, widow women, people living with HIV/AIDS and youths.

From tourism business, TAFET spends 30% of its net profit to support directly the underprivileged community groups, and the remaining portion reserved for future community capital/development projects. Our customers have an opportunity to identify the community organizations of their choice which will receive the allocated funds as a direct support from TAFET. Where possible after completing safaris or mountain climbing, the customer will personally deliver along with TAFET staff, the support funds to the charity of their preference. Otherwise TAFET staff will handle the support fund delivery, and immediately deliver a receipt of payment directly to the customer in acknowledge of receiving such support from TAFET.

The community organizations currently receiving funds from TAFET including:

1. TunaHAKIT (TunaHAKI Centre for Development); a centre for street children home. The funds provided for food and school materials. Contact: tunahakikids@yahoo.com, www.tunahaki.com.

2. KiliPorters (Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project); a program to create a safe and secure working environment for mountain porters by lLending donated clothing to porters at no charge for their climbs, providing classes for porters in English, first aid, HIV/AIDS awareness, and money management, and by educating climbers on the porters' conditions. Contact: info@kiliporters.org, www.kiliporters.org.

3. NAFGEM (Network Against Female Genital Mutilation ); an organization working to eradicate the FGM activities in Tanzania. Contact: nafgem@kicheko.com.

Charity Work

Charity Program Orphanage Program;- There are huge numbers of children living on the street of Tanzania. Many are orphans, while others have been neglected by their families due to extreme poverty, AIDS and other infections diseases. At Manyara in urban are rural area many children struggling to find shelter, food and water. For instance at Manyara town orphans and street children live in a very old shelter with poorer services.

We the founders of TAFET believe that the children are very innocent for what made them to be in such situation. Over looking their problems will continue to inflict the long suffering with pills over the general community.

It is from these reasons we establish an efficient, effective and organization which supports the vulnerable communities through utilization of local resources.

Organizations Supported by TAFET: Materuni Women Group: Economic activities to generate incomefor supporting orphans at community level.

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