DAC Press-fit poles
DAC Press-fit poles are used in all Kelty tents where strength is more critical than weight. These poles feature a ferrule that is pressed in, rather than glued, using an extremely precise interference fit to hold it in place. This system ensures that the poles will be strong and reliable for many years to come, with no slippage or corrosion.
Vaulted pole sleeves
Vaulted pole sleeves help spread the stress placed on the seams or poles along their entire length. Vaulted pole sleeves also make the tent easier to set up. Tents with pole sleeves are best suited for situations where strength is a must.
FlyBoy Technology
Kelty’s patented FlyBoy™ is a lightweight and simple solution to one of the last big tent problems: anchoring it. The FlyBoy™ consists of a patch that is permanently affixed to the fly and a plastic clip that anchors the body, poles, and fly.
Webforce technology
Wind-tunnel tested, Kelty’s proprietary WebForce™ technology, which, combined with FlyBoy™, increases the strength of a tent over 50 percent and adds virtually no weight (two to four ounces). WebForce consists of two parts. The ‘trusses’ at each pole sleeve intersection guide the poles through the intersection, easing set up and eliminating any independent movement of the poles, thus strengthening the structure. The WebForce ‘tendons’ on the fly lock stakeout points to FlyBoys, preventing any stretch or movement under even the heaviest winds.
Fly vents
All Kelty tents have aerodynamic venting systems to regulate temperature and reduce condensation.
ArcEdge floor
A tent floor where the edges come a few inches up the sides before connecting with the tent walls. The ArcEdge floor is a great waterproof design because it has no seams in contact with the ground where water might seep in.
Noiseless zipper pulls
Noiseless zipper pulls are lighter weight than standard zippers and they resist jingling when it’s windy.
Internal storage pockets
Mesh organizer walls, bookshelves and pockets keep everything tidy and right at arms reach when you need it.